Welcome to the website of Janice Cooke





Janice is a Medium/Psychic and Clairvoyant who has worked for a number of years bringing comfort to others from their loved ones in spirit.

She likes to call this Uniting The Two Worlds.

Janice has also developed and worked with some of the UK's most popular mediums.

She works closely with her guides and uses Oracle Cards at the end of each reading for clarification purposes.

Oracle cards are generally used for guidance.


 Janice is based in Plymouth - Devon and does very few Mind Body and Spirit events nowadays, being totally disillusioned with 'greedy' organisers out to make a quick buck in the name of spirituality.

The correct word for them are ruthless business individuals!


However she has made herself available to continue doing the job that she loves most of all through the powers of the internet


The readings can be conducted in person if you live in the Plymouth area of Devon. 


For overseas friends, the price is the same and can be conducted by Face Book Messenger which is much better than Skype as it doesn't break up and is extremely clear.


If you feel drawn to make a booking with her...


You can use the CONTACT ME Form on this website or phone 07989 065 654.


Special price for all Readings is £20.00 for half an hour. £35.00 for an hour.

All readings to be paid for upfront by PayPal or Bank Transfer.


As with all readings - they are for guidance only. You choose to tread your own pathway in life and Janice cannot be held responsible for the decisions you make as a result of your reading.... 


She is also the published author of  'Peckham Cry' which is based on her life  growing up in Post War London.

This is available on Amazon UK and is the new Kindle version which has been updated.....