I have never, ever felt brave enough to do a stand up demonstration. I think one of the problems is that I felt I needed to concentrate on the person sitting in front of me. If I read for one person while another one sat in and listened, I would invariably end up reading for the other person. So...when I was asked if I would do a charity demonstration for an animal charity, I was really torn. I love animals, it's a worthwhile local charity in Plymouth, but it would mean getting completely out of my comfort zone. However, I found myself saying yes and then worried about it for weeks afterwards.

As the day arrived, I kept asking for messages to come through, and all I could hear were jokes and more jokes. I must admit I do work in a kind of unique way, so a reading from me is one to be remembered! 

Then the moment finally arrived and I found myself standing up and saying the most ridiculous things. The funniest things ever were tumbling out of my mouth. I managed to do a couple of successful readings in between, but it seemed like I had been overtaken by sheer devilment. I look at these You Tube videos and can't quite believe that was me. I felt sorry for the poor audience although they did  tell  me they enjoyed the laughter and the upliftment of energy in the room.

I think the best way is to let you judge for yourselves and I would be grateful if you would comment on this as to whether it was bit too over the top!

I have been told that this is the way spirit would like to me to work, and I must admit it covers up my nervousness. Having said that, I somehow don't think it will go down very well with the churches so can't expect them to be asking me to serve them any time soon.

The evening raised £350 for the charity and I can't resist doing charity events. So, if after having watched these videos, you feel you would like me to d a charity event for you, please let me know. This will be for the local areas as I will be 76 this year and am not too good at travelling long distances.

Much love and a very Happy New Year to you all.  Janice Cooke