Peckham Cry

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This novel is set just after WW2 in South East London.

Sylvia is an adopted child whose adoptive mother is distinctly hostile and cold towards her whilst her father seems to love her - perhaps just a little bit too much.

Fortunately Sylvia is a very resiliant child and can cope with most of the knocks that life dishes out to her. She finds refuge in her books and her little pet mouse Mickey.

One day however, the truth about the secrets behind her home life comes out and Sylvia is placed in Children's Homes for her own safety, but they are not the safe haven one thinks.

Running away from them Sylvia is placed in a mental hospital because the Welfare authorities are at their wits end as to know what to do with her.

Upon her release Sylvia ends up living rough on the streets, surviving as a prostitue, and only the birth of her child makes her determined to turn her life around.


Janice Cooke was born in October 1944 at Southend-End-Sea Essex.

Adopted from the age of a year old -she grew up in Peckham SE15. 

Peckham Cry is her first novel.


Janice writes: "Although this is a fictional read, the story is mine based on fact. My middle name is Sylvia and is written in the third person. I am not a professional writer. I have told this story as I remember it, the times and places. Please forgive me if there are any grammatical errors. I tried to correct all the typos and spelling mistakes when re-writing it for the Kindle version. The original paperback is full of mistakes due to it either not being  proof read or not proof read properly"


All proceeds from this book have gone to help augment child abuse charities and so far over £21.000 has been raised.

The Kindle version is £1.60 

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